Garden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered FriendsGarden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered Friends

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Garden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered Friends

I'm a dedicated nature lover. Anything I can do to ensure the well-being of my feathered friends makes me happy. Observing avian wildlife in my backyard is even better. This is why I own several birdhouses. My favorite is the acrylic birdhouse that clings to my French patio door. This birdie sanctuary is transparent and crystal clear. It allows me to view nesting birds without disturbing them. The themed birdhouses I've purchased at various garden stores and specialty shops add a splash of color and exciting decor to my yard. In my small collection are farmhouse themed birdhouses, nautical themes, colonial themes and even a birdhouse "mansion". As you can tell, these birdhouses bring me as much pleasure as their intended occupants. You might say these pieces are "for the birds", but I know they're more than that.


Ready To Travel? 3 Reasons To Choose A Park Model

If you're toying with the idea of purchasing an RV, you might want to go one step further and look into a park model. A park model will give you the best of both worlds – an RV with a touch of home. Park models go above and beyond the typical RV. Here are just three of the reasons why you should choose a park model.

They Can Go Anywhere

One of the great things about park models is that they can go anywhere. Unlike mobile homes, park models don't need to be set up in a permanent location. You can travel with them the same way you would an ordinary RV. However, should you find a place that you want to call home permanently, you can set your park model down and stay. Should you decide to set your park model home up in a permanent location, you can have porches constructed to give it a more homey feel.

They're Bigger Than an RV

If you want something roomier than your typical RV, you need to purchase a park model. Park models are big enough for the entire family, which is great if you want to take family vacations. Park models give you the room you need to really spread out and enjoy yourselves while you're on vacation. You won't ever feel cramped inside your new park model.

They Have a Home-Away-From Home Appeal

If you love to travel, but hate doing without the benefits of your home, you need a park model home. Park models give you a home-away-from-home appeal that you can't get from a typical RV. You'll even enjoy beautiful kitchen cook areas that include builtin appliances and custom islands, which will allow you to make home cooked meals wherever you are. If you like the ambiance of a fireplace, you'll find one of those in your park model home, as well.

If you're looking for something that's more luxurious and roomy than a basic RV, a park model home is the way to go. Park models provide the luxury of a custom home. You'll find all the amenities you're looking for, including hard wood flooring, upgraded cabinets and spacious living quarters.

If you're ready to travel, but you want to go beyond the typical RV, take a look at what park model homes have to offer. You'll get the ability to travel wherever you want, with the comfort of a real home. Visit a site like for more help.