Garden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered FriendsGarden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered Friends

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Garden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered Friends

I'm a dedicated nature lover. Anything I can do to ensure the well-being of my feathered friends makes me happy. Observing avian wildlife in my backyard is even better. This is why I own several birdhouses. My favorite is the acrylic birdhouse that clings to my French patio door. This birdie sanctuary is transparent and crystal clear. It allows me to view nesting birds without disturbing them. The themed birdhouses I've purchased at various garden stores and specialty shops add a splash of color and exciting decor to my yard. In my small collection are farmhouse themed birdhouses, nautical themes, colonial themes and even a birdhouse "mansion". As you can tell, these birdhouses bring me as much pleasure as their intended occupants. You might say these pieces are "for the birds", but I know they're more than that.


3 Reasons To Get Your Trees Examined After Buying A Home

After purchasing a home that already has some mature trees on the property, it's a good idea to make sure that they are in good shape and won't lead to more concerns later. If you don't have much experience examining or caring for trees, it's best to rely on an arborist to come to your home and examine the trees shortly after you move in.

If you're unsure of what kinds of things an arborist can look for when examining your trees, consider the following things that they can look out for to make sure that your trees are growing healthily.

1. Check for Any Signs of Illnesses

One of the first things that you want to have a professional take a look your trees for is any signs of illnesses. There are a number of different diseases that you should be aware of depending on what part of the country you live in and the climate. Diagnosing these kinds of issue as soon as possible can help you make sure that any illnesses can be treated promptly before being spread to other trees.

Keeping an eye out for these kinds of problems can help you get the trees treated before the problem worsens and potentially kills the tree.

2. Get Any Necessary Trimming Done

When the trees haven't been examined in a long time, there's a good chance that they need to be trimmed. Having trimming done by a professional can help make sure that any loose parts of the tree can be trimmed down so that they can be shaped in a more appealing way.

Having them trimmed by a professional can help you make sure that they look great and will boost the curb appeal of your home. If you find that some of your trees don't look great due to being overgrown, professional trimming can go a long way towards improving them.

3. Be Advised for Proper Tree Care

Along with keeping the trees in good condition right now, you should also be able to get advice on how to keep the trees in the best shape as time goes by. Proper tree care can be as easy as making sure that they have enough moisture and that they're trimmed regularly.

When you have trees on your property, it's your responsibility to make sure that the trees are being cared for after you move in. This way, you'll be able to enjoy some shade and an improvement to the curb appeal of your home with trees that look great. Contact a company like Able Scape, Inc for more information and assistance.