Garden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered FriendsGarden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered Friends

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Garden Bird Houses: A Sanctuary for My Feathered Friends

I'm a dedicated nature lover. Anything I can do to ensure the well-being of my feathered friends makes me happy. Observing avian wildlife in my backyard is even better. This is why I own several birdhouses. My favorite is the acrylic birdhouse that clings to my French patio door. This birdie sanctuary is transparent and crystal clear. It allows me to view nesting birds without disturbing them. The themed birdhouses I've purchased at various garden stores and specialty shops add a splash of color and exciting decor to my yard. In my small collection are farmhouse themed birdhouses, nautical themes, colonial themes and even a birdhouse "mansion". As you can tell, these birdhouses bring me as much pleasure as their intended occupants. You might say these pieces are "for the birds", but I know they're more than that.


What Type Of Glass Will You Choose For Your Shower Doors?

If you are looking for a great way to do an inexpensive remodel on your bathroom, there are some small changes you can make that will not cost you an arm and a leg. One of the things you can do is to consider replacing the glass in your glass shower doors. Not only will the new glass be clean and fresh, but it also can drastically change the way your shower looks. But you must first decide on the type of glass you are going to use, and there are several you can choose from.

Clear Glass

One of the more popular styles of shower doors on the market is made up of clear glass. This allows you to showcase the tile work in your shower, as well as let in light. Clear glass works well in small spaces, as they often create the illusion of making the space appear larger since they do not create a visual barrier within the space. 

Frosted Glass

If you are looking for doors that will provide you with a little privacy, you may not want to look any further than frosted glass to go in your shower doors. Frosting normally gives your doors a smooth, soft, yet distinctive pattern that you can find in a wide variety of colors and designs. Frosted glass will also still allow light into your shower while keeping you safe from peering eyes.

Rain Glass

If you like the look of glass with droplets of water running down it, you may want to choose rain glass for your shower door project. This glass is normally textured on one side and smooth on the other. Using rain glass can be a great way to bring an earthy concept into your bathroom space, while still maintaining your sense of privacy. Although you can choose to place either side towards the outside of your shower, choose to place the textured side outside and the smooth side inside for easier clean-up. 

Tinted Glass

If you are looking for glass that comes in a wide variety of tones and colors, you may want to consider installing tinted glass in your bathroom. You can choose from a lightly tinted glass that will produce many of the same benefits that clear glass will, or a darker tint that will produce privacy. Traditional tints are normally available in a wide range of grays and browns, but you may even be able to have your glass cut in other colors of tinted glass that will accent your bathroom. 

No matter which glass type you choose, for a door that is going to swing or move, you should choose a glass that is 3/8 of an inch thick. This will give you the appropriate weight for most shower door hinges. If you choose heavier glass, you may need to upgrade your hinges or reinforce the areas that your doors will be hinged to. 

Also, when replacing your doors, always look for tempered glass. This is glass that has been treated by using a chemical process that involves the heating and strengthening of the glass. Once the glass is tempered, it will change the break pattern of the glass. If broken, instead of producing sharp shards, the glass will break in small circular pieces. This will make your doors safer for those who may possibly break them, as well as those who will have to job of cleaning up the glass. 

To choose the right glass for your shower doors, visit a professional glass installer or visit websites like and look at all of the samples they have available. The hardest part is narrowing down all of the choices you will have to choose from.